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Legal Support for Mediation

At McVittie Legal, we always strive to provide our clients in Alstonville and the Northern Rivers with the most cost-effective pathway to resolving your family law matter. Whether it’s divorce, property settlement or child custody, the solicitors at McVittie Legal can negotiate for the best possible option for you through mediation.

What is Mediation?
Mediation is a non-litigation method of resolving disputes and is facilitated by a third party mediator. The aim of a mediation is to avoid the lengthy and expensive process of going to court. The parties in dispute are able to negotiate on an agreement, rather than having a judge impose a decision on both parties. Mediation is also a less formal process, but the contents discussed during mediation is strictly confidential, and will not be used against a party if the dispute is escalated to court.

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Mediation — McVittie Legal In Alstonville, NSW

All matters of dispute can go through mediation, regardless of its complexity or the number of parties. The process is flexible and is tailored to the specific dispute. Many family matters can be resolved because the structured process of mediation involves:

The mediator is there to ask questions, encourage open discussion and offer a non-biased perspective of the issue. The team at McVittie Legal can help you prepare for a mediation and provide legal support on the best option for you in negotiating your dispute.

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Family Dispute Resolution

As family law specialists, our solicitors have a successful track record in achieving the best possible resolution for our clients through mediation. If your dispute is in regard to separating from your partner and child custody issues, a family dispute resolution (FDR) is needed. An FDR is a special type of mediation for separated families. It is compulsory for separated parents to attempt FDR, before applying to a family law court for a parenting order. There are exemptions to this requirement, which include if one parent does not take part in the mediation, or risks of family violence.

The best case scenario for mediation is for both parties to come to an agreement. When this is the case, McVittie Legal can assist in creating a binding financial agreement or consent orders that will make the agreement legally binding. Once signed, the case is considered closed and a formal notification will be provided to the court.

If the matter is not fully resolved, further discussion is needed and we can assist you in preparing to escalate the dispute through litigation. The mediator will notify the judge of the outcome and the case will go to court.

At McVittie Legal, we pride ourselves on our experience and legal knowledge. Our team of solicitors are recognised for their skills, experience and client satisfaction. We aim to build close relationships with all our clients, because we always want to help achieve the best resolution for you.

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